Participating as a team is fun, easy and a great way to get a group of friends or colleagues together for a good cause! All registration fees are added to your team fundraising* goal. Teams will be recognized the day of the event, have the chance to win special team fundraising prizes and all team members will be entered into our raffle for a chance to win even more great prizes!



  • $10 Teams (registration fees apply to required fundraising goals*)

The registration fee for teams is $10 per person, this way everyone on the team will be contributing to the fundraising goal. We will not be accepting new teams at the event.

Team Captain responsibilities:

  • Organizing the team (getting friends, family, etc to join)
  • Helping team members register (either online or by phone/fax/mail)
  • (optional) Customizing the online team fundraising page
  • Making sure that fundraising goals are met

*Team Minimum Fundraising Goals

  • 2 – 5 people: $350
  • 6 – 10 people: $600
  • 11 – 20 people: $1,000

How do I collect donations for my team?

Once you register on a team, you can click on “Share/Send Emails” to send a secure link to directly donate to your fundraising page via email or facebook or twitter. You can also donate by sending us a cash or check donation.

How do I keep track of the donations I collect for the team?

You must either have everyone donate to your personal page OR send us a cash or check donations. The donations that you collect will also be added towards the team goal.


Please use our pledge form when collecting cash and check donations.

  • Checks: ask donors to make checks payable to ZERO BREAST CANCER and put your name and Dipsea Hike in the memo field. If your supporters do not indicate your name and Dipsea Hike, we will have no way of knowing that the donation should be credited to you. Please encourage your donors to mail checks directly to Zero Breast Cancer. However, if you collect the checks yourself, please send them in as soon as possible to be verified.
  • Cash: If you receive cash donations, please total them and write a check for the amount and attach the pledge form with each cash donor’s name, address and gift amount for tax receipt purposes.
  • Please submit all cash and check donations to Zero Breast Cancer regularly and in a timely manner.
  • Mail donations and pledge forms to:

Zero Breast Cancer
ATTN: Dipsea Hike
4340 Redwood Hwy, Suite C400
San Rafael, CA 94903-2121

  • We will be accepting donations at the event, so please bring any unsubmitted pledge form(s) with all cash and checks to registration in either an envelope or ziplock bag.